What do we offer?

Change Management

We accompany your employees in the transformational process of your company through services and consulting in change management where we address technology adoption.

  • Implementation of DIAR Model – Model created by VeData Group focused on the diffusion of innovation, Assimilation and Redarchy. 
  • We accompany you in the technological adoption process.
  • As part of DIAR Model we use Prosci’s ADKAR framework.

Productivity and Digital Collaboration

We focus on the continuous improvement of your company’s productivity, in terms of cost reduction, user experience and return on investment.

  • We implement Microsoft 365 solutions that include phase 0 consulting, profile creation service, licensing, migration, adoption strategy, among others.
  • We accompany you in the process of meeting room automation through technological innovation solutions. 
  • We develop applications oriented to user empowerment and self-management. 
  • We develop and implement document managers.

Cloud Services

We offer cloud-based solutions, preferably in Microsoft Azure technologies.

  • We mobilize your company’s infrastructure.
  • We offer back up systems.
  • We manage infrastructure.
  • We implement contingency sites.
  • We provide innovative solutions in the cloud (Serverless, Dockers, among others).
  • We analyze applications to bring them to Ready to Claud.
  • We offer consulting services to migrate client systems to the cloud. 
  • We offer artificial intelligence services, machine learning, process automation, among others.

Business Analytics

We provide comprehensive business analytics solutions based mainly on world-class tools such as Power BI, Click Sense, among others.

  • We deliver consulting oriented to the data governance of your company.
  • We take care of the construction of key analytical dashboards for decision making in your company.
  • We have Microsoft Azure Analytics and Stream Analytics capabilities for real-time data analysis.
  • We deliver support system, approvals and IT development.
  • We train your employees in the main tools of efficiency and data analytics. 
  • We support you to move from a descriptive to a predictive and prescriptive strategy.

UX Services

We deliver technological solutions oriented to process automation and user self-resolution depending on the need and objectives of your company, always maximizing its own management potential.

  • We deliver self-help portals for users.
  • We design, develop and implement self-service totems.
  • We develop knowledge bases that enhance a collaborative environment.
  • We offer solutions oriented to software development on different platforms.
  • We develop microservices and integrations.


We deliver information security solutions adjusted to the needs of your company with the objective of taking care of the information as an asset, avoiding vulnerabilities and frauds.

  • Service Assessment for your company’s cybersecurity and decision making.
  • We analyze your organization’s infrastructure focusing on data protection.
  • We provide consulting services in legal matters derived from cybersecurity management. 
  • We offer high coverage cyberculture and social engineering plans oriented to self-protection.
  • Gap analysis in cybersecurity.
  • Information security architecture consulting.
  • Technological solutions to protect your company.

Digital Marketing

We provide solutions aimed at maximizing digital tools in order to generate brand image, massify and increase the digital reach of your company, among others.

  • We manage your company’s social networks.
  • We offer Web Content Management services.
  • We create and manage Corporate Blogging.
  • We develop positioning strategies (SEO/SEM).
  • We manage, advise, design and develop your website.
  • We manage the corporate image of your company.

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Ready to transform and
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