What do we offer


We offer solutions and strategic advice where we review the IT needs of your company, with respect to your strategic vision, operational requirements and your business objectives. With CIOaaS you take care of your business and we take care of the technology.

  • We provide continuous support to employees regarding their work tools.
  • We provide advice on IT infrastructure and systems management. 
  • We develop and accompany your organization towards a modern, collaborative work path that enhances digital processes and is adapted to new business models.
  • We implement market practices in security, compliance and licensing.


We provide a marketing management service for your company at a low cost. We address strategies in a fast, effective and successful way. With CMOaaS you have the same quality of service and functions of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) but without the need to hire a full time CMO.

  • We elaborate effective b2b marketing strategies for your company. 
  • We accompany you in the development of corporate branding.
  • We take care of recruiting and defining marketing teams for your organization. 
  • We carry out objective market research for your business. 
  • We plan, execute and evaluate marketing campaigns for demand generation. 
  • We elaborate and analyze metrics for decision making and behavioral marketing strategies. 


We offer a highly qualified service to ensure the Information Security and Risk Control of your organization. Imagine having all the functions of an operational and strategic specialist such as a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) without the need to hire one full time.

  • We assess the cybersecurity needs of your organization.
  • We design a security program that adapts to the specific needs of your company.
  • We perform vulnerability analysis and risk assessment. 
  • We evaluate and verify results for strategic decision making. 
  • We take care of training and sensitizing employees.

ERP Odoo

We deliver solutions for process optimization through a unique value proposition focused 100% on easy-to-use, intuitive and accessible all-in-one management software.

With Odoo, you will be able to scale your needs to any application, since it adapts to your growth and is completely designed for your business needs.

  • We offer consulting services.
  • We evaluate your company’s requirements and review among more than 80 modules which ones are the ones that fit your company’s needs. 
  • We accompany you in the software implementation process.
  • We train your collaborators for an optimal usability of the software.


Success stories

“VeData has a spectacular team”


“Through its work style, VeData provides us with concrete tools, experiences from other industries and new ideas. In a way that is always flexible, reliable, committed and adapted to the reality of our company”.


Ready to transform and
digitize your company?

Ready to transform and
digitize your company?